Our Story

For about 20 years now COMMONSENSE STRATEGIES GROUP, Llc has been delivering winning marketing strategies to BUSINESSES and ORGANIZATIONS  and individuals in the areas of Social Media, Advertising, Marketing, Media & Communications. Today we employ cutting edge technology, software and other modern systems to deliver the best outcomes for our clients - guaranteed! We also partner with other businesses across industry lines to make certain that you're getting what you paid for - and then some more! We're the PREMIER MARKETING AGENCY in Brooklyn (and New York) Caribbean Business Community.

Michael Derek Roberts
President & CEO

Michael Roberts is an experienced journalist, author, political strategist and media & communications expert for over 20 years. He's the former Editor of New York CARIB NEWS -  (www.nycaribnews.com)the oldest and largest Caribbean-American weekly newspaper in the United States. A former SCORE instructor, he's worked with merchants associations, Community Health Centers, specialized small businesses, non-profit organizations, New York State Senate and Brooklyn's Black political leadership. He married all of these varied talents and skills when he founded COMMONSENSE STRATEGIES  GROUP, Llc a Marketing & Communications company aimed at bringing to the  New York City community a marketing organization that can deliver the very best of services in the modern digital and technological environment. 

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COMMONSENSE STRATEGIES utilizes a mix of traditional and modern marketing strategies that are cost-effective, targeted and scientifically proven to help businesses increase their profitability. For non-profits, CSG helps with start-up operations, systems & procedures, board training, and capacity building.


NUMBER ONE CARIBBEAN MARKETING AGENCY -  CSG is the leading Marketing & Communications Agency in Brooklyn's large and diverse Caribbean-American community. CSG also runs Special Issues campaigns for non-profits, civic associations, community-based organizations and local pressure groups.